Cedar grove at Altazor

The Ecoforestry Institute Design Course

The next course has not been scheduled for 2014-2015

The annual design course is taught by renowned practitioners. Past topics include: Alternative forest products, conservation biology, forest assessment, forest ecology, harvest technology,landscape design, monitoring, restoration, stream restoration, wilderness preservation, and wildlife inventory. Past instructors include: Dean Apostel, Mike Barnes, Alan Drengson, James Freed, Herb Hammond, Twila Jacobsen, Dennis Martinez, Chris Maser, Carolyn Merchant, Reed Noss, Ray Travers, Merve Wilkinson, and Alan Wittbecker.

Credit by participants has been earned at: Antioch University,Dalhousie University, University of Oregon, and University of Victoria. Contact EI for more information about how you can get university credit.

Director, The Ecoforestry Institute
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