The Institute Office in Florida, on the Tamiami Trail

The Ecoforestry Institute Workshops

The Ecoforestry Institute conducts day-long or weekend introductory Ecoforestry Workshops in Forest Ecology, Old Growth Ecology, GIS, Certification, Stream Restoration, and other topics. These workshops have been held at the University of Oregon, University of Victoria, Wildwood, Mountain Grove Educational Center, McMinn Forest, and other locations in the Northwest.

A series of Ecoforestry video tapes is being finished, with leading ecological scientists, philosophers and practitioners, including Chris Maser on "Forest Ecology" and "Sustainable Forestry," Carolyn Merchant on "Partnership Ethics," Merve Wilkinson on "Thinking Like a Forest: The Practice of Selective, Sustainable Forestry," Alan Drengson on "Ecoforestry and the Deep Ecology Movement," Herb Hammond on "Wholistic Forest Zoning," Dennis Martinez on "Indigenous Land Ethics" and "Ecological Restoration and Indigenous Uses of Fire," and Alan Wittbecker on "Conservation Biology" and "Old Growth Ecology." Write for a complete listing.

For information on workshops, write to: Senior Ecologist, Ecoforestry Institute, P.O. Box 370, Tallevast, FL 34270, or Net:

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