The Cycle of Renewal

About the Ecoforestry Institute

The Ecoforestry Institutes in the US (EI) and Canada (EIS) are educational, nonprofit, NonGovernmental Organizations whose mission is:

The practice of Ecoforestry is based on ecological principles. Ecoforesters seek to understand and work with the complex processes and patterns of forests to maintain native diversity, while harvesting forest goods and products on a long-term sustainable basis. By maintaining a multi-species, multi-aged forest, the structural and genetic richness and diversity of the forest is sustained and allowed to continue to evolve through its natural processes and patterns. Attention is paid to sustaining healthy soils, water quality and flow, and habitat for wildlife. The practice of Ecoforestry relies primarily on selective logging and harvesting of forest goods and products.

Additionally, EI acts as an informal network for information and action. EI provides technical assistance to forest landowners. EI creates links with research and marketing organizations. For more information, send email to Senior Ecologist, EI, at


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